F|C is our new-student community! At the BSM, we believe that a mature follower of Christ will demonstrate the following values:

  1. Connection and commitment to a local group of believers who are following Jesus

  2. Development in his or her understanding of the Bible in order to grow in love for and knowledge of God

  3. Serving and sharing Christ's love with the campus through leadership opportunities at the BSM

The purpose behind FC is to create a space for you to learn how to do these things. The BSM wants to equip you in your pursuit of Jesus while you are in college through regular meetings led by full-time staff members and 1-on-1 mentorship opportunities. Click the link below to fill out an application. Our first FC meeting of the fall semester will be Tuesday, October 1st at 7pm!


Our movement's weekly gathering for worship, teaching and community.  Portico is our central gathering at the BSM.  It meets every Thursday at 7p.

SMALL GROUPS (Portico Groups)   
Portico Groups meet during Portico on Thursday nights. In these groups, small groups of students have the opportunity to dig deeper into Scripture in a more intimate setting.

To learn more about Portico Groups and Portico night, click HERE