Longhorn BSM | Fall Retreat 2017


With is about presence, it is about proximity.  You can not be with someone and be absent at the same time.  God's intentions have never fluctuated.  Since creation he has invited us to be in his presence and promised us that he will never leave us.  He even goes far enough to say that if we will abide with him we will know him most deeply.

This weekend we will look in to what God intends when he offers us his withness and ways that we fall short and abuse his intentions.  With God is a posture we assume and we want to engage this posture as best we can along with the postures that we take that can be abusive to the invitation God gives us to be with him.


This year we have designed guides you can use to before, during and after the retreat to help you prepare before we go, dig deeper while we are there and unpack in your real world rhythms all that God is leading you to.  Below are links to all of these guides in a PDF format.

Pre-Retreat : Entire Guide   |   Day 1 Guide   |   Day 2 Guide   |   Day 3 Guide

During : Entire Guide 

Post-Retreat : Entire Guide  |  Day 1 Guide  |  Day 2 Guide  |  Day 3 Guide