How is the BSM Funded?

The BSM is funded in two ways, first through the giving of the local churches.  These churches fund us as mission work on the campus of the University of Texas.  The second way is through individuals.  These are people who see the work we are doing as vital in today's climate and vital to this campus.  Just over half of our annual gifts are from individuals.

Use of Funds

The giving of both churches and individuals is how all of our ministry operates.  This funding covers our ministry to students through discipleship and training, mobilizing students to missions both on campus and across the globe, the usage and upkeep of our building and parts of our staff incomes.  Every penny given to the Longhorn BSM is used to reach the 45,000 students who do not know Jesus at the University of Texas.  There is also an Advisory Board that oversees all accountability with the ministry, including our funding.

How to Give

You can give two ways.  First, any gift can be mailed in directly to our office: 2204 San Antonio St, Austin, TX, 78705.  Secondly, you can give online.  All online gifts are registered through Giving Fuel and can be set up as one-time gifts or recurring gifts set up to be given as often as you like.  To give via Giving Fuel just click the “Donate” button below and you will be able to designate the amount you desire to give and any other information from there.